About us

Nascent in the academic publishing world. We do not mince words to hide this fact. Instead, we are committed to building the foundations of this organisation on high values and a professional attitude. 

Our prime focus is to provide the best possible services to researchers, scientists, academia, and learners in exploring new research and sharing their work with the rest of the world by providing them with a convenient, accessible, and affordable publishing platform.


To be known by global academia as a respected publishing company from Pakistan.


Strive to offer researchers a convenient and satisfying reading and publishing experience through our quality publications.

Core values.

Are you a scientist or a researcher?

We are looking for distinguished scientists and researchers for various roles in our new titles. If you feel interested, please connect with us.

Focused on quality and long-term success

Disseminating research work requires a robust and dynamic approach. While Many shackles are broken and barriers removed in the era of open access, the issues such as a rigorous approach to quality check and affordability remain to be addressed. Developing our titles on sound foundations of quality, accessibility, visibility, and affordability is what we consider as our best service to the research community and our long-term success.